Honesty vs. Oversharing – Where is the line in the blogging world?

Hello my lovelies! Oh my days……spring is finally here! I’m beyond excited for some bleedin’ sunshine. It feels like it’s been forever since I felt the sun on my face, as was able to enjoy being outside.

I took a bit of a blogging and digital detox a couple of weeks ago, it was definitely needed. Sometimes just shutting off and spending time with my other half and my family is just what I need to give my mind a bit of a break. By stepping away from social media and my writing meant that my mind had the chance to think of other things…like where the honesty vs. oversharing line is when blogging.

Now, I pride myself on being honest when I blog. I try to not write loads of bullsh*t and give you guys the honest truth, there’s no point trying to write about a product I’ve used if it’s ruined my skin or that I genuinely don’t work! But where’s the line? When does honesty turn into oversharing? How can you walk the fine line whilst staying true to your own blogging voice?

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My First Blogger Q&A

Hello my lovelies! Sorry for the brief hiatus on the blog, my life has become so incredibly busy it’s unreal and I kinda feel like I’m drowning but hey ho, we push on! The only saving grace I suppose is that overhauling my morning routine is working and allowing me extra time in my day.

A while back I posted on my Twitter that I was going to do my first ever Q&A and got some fantastic questions! Super thrilled, so a huge thank you for those who slid into my DM’s 😉

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What is self-hosting and why bloggers should do it

If you’re a blogger newbie, you might not know exactly what self-hosting is.

You might be running your blog on the free WordPress.com or Blogger platforms and have not a clue about the process of hosting. That was me last year. One thing I’ve realised is that to be a serious blogger, the best thing you can do for yourself and the growth of your blog is to go self-hosted.

So what on earth is self-hosting?

When you have a self-hosted blog, you pay for your blog to be online. You don’t use a free platform and you pay a web host like Siteground to “house” your website and display it on the Internet. When you self-host you own your website and you can get your own domain name instead of “www.yourwebsite.wordpress.com”.


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How I plan to up my blogging game

Since the beginning of December I’ve really started to put 110% effort into my blogging. I’ve noticed a small increase in following and it’s really ignited my passion and love for writing and blogging again. I definitely need to up my game a bit more so that it’s something I can be truly proud of 🙂 fingers crossed I can do it! Here’s what I plan to do…

Building a content calendar

So at the moment this is something I do loosely. Working in marketing & content creation I should know better really! Having the past in wedding planning that I do, scheduling and planning is in my blood.

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