My run up to Christmas must haves!

So I thought it may be quite nice to share with all of you (probably all five of you who read my ramblings 😉 ) my run up to Christmas must haves! For me there are always a good few essentials that I need to have to start getting me in the festive spirit…not that it takes much.

My run up to Christmas must haves!

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are like my number one thing I have to have around the house! I feel like they add so much festivity to a home. They’re super cute and really not that expensive at all. I tend to buy all of my fairy lights from Lights4Fun as they offer really good quality lights and not at a bad price either.

My run up to Christmas must haves!

Festive DVD’s

For me watching films with my family and friends at Christmas are a must, it really does almost set the tone for the holidays. I don’t know about you, but watching things like the entire Harry Potter collection (which I have already started), Miracle on 34th Street and not forgetting, The Holiday, well and truly get my in the mood. Not only that but to be fair, 9/10 Christmas films have me sobbing with a blanket on my sofa haha.

My run up to Christmas must haves!

Cosy pyjamas

Comfy jammies are a given at this time of the year. It’s cold and you just want to curl up at home on the sofa, stick the fire on (I’m very lucky I have one) and pop a film on. Some of the best PJ’s come from Want That Trend. I absolutely adore all of them! If I could I would 100% get them all! But for now I’ll settle with a couple of pairs till I get some Christmas money to get some more! One of my favourite pairs is the one below, being the Prosecco fiend I am.

My run up to Christmas must haves!

What are your Christmas must haves? 


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