So before we set off to the beautiful Berlin it was a certain someones birthday 🙂  to his dismay he’s another year older…

After gift giving and a superhero birthday cake with candles (no, you’re never too old haha), I was informed we would be heading somewhere as a surprise to get a Christmas tree! Me being me, I’m a total Christmas nut, I love Christmas. It truly is the best time of year, filled with so much love, happiness and fairy lights!

You can imagine my excitement when we arrived at a field full of tree’s that they chop down especially for you! I mean……a proper Christmas Tree farm! I was honestly like a child on Christmas Day that has just seen all their presents under the tree. So after being told and told the tree I loved was too big, we compromised, and got it anyway 🙂 View Post

Having gone to the Christmas market in Harrogate less than a handful of times over the past few years, I thought it only best to take time out of my forever busy life to head on down and see what it had to offer.

I didn’t head there last year but did the year before. I thought it was OK. A bit cold, damp and hellishly busy, but I suppose if you head to any Christmas market you need to expect this! The 2017 one was no different.

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Every so often we go through different experiences in our lives which often send me  back to when I was younger. I sometimes find myself wishing I could tell my younger self about how life really works, and what’s real and true, and therefore get rid of some incorrect preconceptions and assumptions I had way back then. So what would I tell my younger self?

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