My top ways to de-stress

When you reach a certain point in your life, it becomes so apparent how important stress relief is for your body, mind and soul.

Working full time, blogging (almost full time), running a home and trying to keep everyone around me happy can be overwhelming. I’m a damn good overthinker too which doesn’t help! I’ve always struggled with switching off. Switching off from my work, my laptop and updating social media can be a nightmare.

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My top beauty buys for January

Growing up I never had a great appreciation for good quality makeup. I used bog standard, cheap makeup which quite frankly ruined my skin. I regretted it for a while, but as a teen, I was always desperate to save and buy my own things.

For the past couple of years I’ve slowly been building up my beauty collection and discovered what works for me and what doesn’t. Dare I say it, it’s almost helped me grow as a woman 🙂 In January, despite my efforts to be more money savvy I did spend quite a bit topping up my collection. Here’s a few of my fave bits…

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My new found skincare love

In one of my previous posts about my skincare faves, I mentioned that I was on the hunt for a new skincare brand to love. I have 100% found one!

A few weeks ago I was approached by the lovely Hayley from Lovegrove Essentials. A mother/daughter team, Lovegrove Essentials has grown from strength to strength over the past six years and offer a different approach to skincare. Both Hayley and Hannah have spent many years in the beauty industry, developing their understanding and knowledge of different types of skin, both for women and men.

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How to be money savvy this January

Hello you gorgeous folks 🙂

Despite January being my birthday month (hello to all you other New Years Day babies!), I always find that January is the most awkward month of them all. It’s the month that falls after the best time of the year (Christmas/New Year), where everyone has no money and tonnes of fitness motivation. It’s the month that despite getting birthday money, I’m always broke.

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My skincare regime & current faves

Growing up I always had so many issues with my skin.

I was spot prone and had an oily t-zone that I had no idea to control. As a teen I used to buy cheap makeup that wasn’t great for my skin either, which really didn’t help my situation! Like most teens and people in their early twenties who go through this and worse, it’s gives you a real knock to your confidence. I remember lathering makeup on to try and cover my face more, it was awful.

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