If you’re a blogger newbie, you might not know exactly what self-hosting is.

You might be running your blog on the free WordPress.com or Blogger platforms and have not a clue about the process of hosting. That was me last year. One thing I’ve realised is that to be a serious blogger, the best thing you can do for yourself and the growth of your blog is to go self-hosted.

So what on earth is self-hosting?

When you have a self-hosted blog, you pay for your blog to be online. You don’t use a free platform and you pay a web host like Siteground to “house” your website and display it on the Internet. When you self-host you own your website and you can get your own domain name instead of “www.yourwebsite.wordpress.com”.


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Since the beginning of December I’ve really started to put 110% effort into my blogging. I’ve noticed a small increase in following and it’s really ignited my passion and love for writing and blogging again. I definitely need to up my game a bit more so that it’s something I can be truly proud of 🙂 fingers crossed I can do it! Here’s what I plan to do…

Building a content calendar

So at the moment this is something I do loosely. Working in marketing & content creation I should know better really! Having the past in wedding planning that I do, scheduling and planning is in my blood.

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