When does staying in become the new going out?

Since James and I have moved into our new home, staying in has definitely become the new going out! I honestly don’t think it’s 100% down to money either, but (at the moment anyway) we actually still like spending time with each other. Shock and awe I know! 😉

Millennials have the most debt of any group of university graduates, like, ever, with some never being able to get a job they trained for. At the same time, we were the first generation to all grow up with computers in our homes and no one knows their way around an iPhone and quirky new technology better than us.

According to some, because of this fact, it is said that a lot of millennials don’t actually know how to socialise and interact with people…I call bullsh*t. People of my age and as young as my brother, know how to socialise so well! My brother at 19, has a bloody better social life than I ever did.

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