My starlight experience at The Spa at Rudding Park

So last weekend my Mum and sister were supposed to be heading on an adventure to Copenhagen. Unfortunately, I couldn’t join them due to the fact I was running a wedding I had planned on the Friday. However, due to my sister getting an audition on the West End in London, they cancelled their trip.

After her audition, my sister headed back up North to Harrogate on Saturday┬áto see us all. It was great news as due to my sister now being a Londoner, I never get to spend a decent amount of time with her. With my sister heading up my Mum suggested we all get together and do something. So she decided to treat us both to the starlight experience at Rudding Park’s new Spa facilities!

I couldn’t believe it! I’ll forever be grateful for this because let me tell you, Rudding Park is not cheap! So this really was an experience and a half.

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