My skiing essentials

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know I’m heading skiing this week!

I’m beyond excited as skiing is a huge love of mine and has been for years. James kindly paid for us both to head to Morzine this weekend as a birthday present. I count myself incredibly lucky and blessed, it’s quite possibly the best birthday present I’ve ever received.

Every time I head skiing I have my go-to products that I have to take with me. Skiing is a serious sport and requires you to take care of your body whilst you’re there. Trust me when I say that wind burn is a serious thing! There’s nothing worse than wind burn on your cheeks and nose if you haven’t properly wrapped up.

I know you have enough to pack when you’re off to hit the slopes, but I have a few little ski beauty essentials (and other must-haves) to add to the list (they pack up small, promise!) The bitter cold, damp air and high altitudes can play havoc with our skin, hair, nails and just about anything that’s exposed.

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