Christians Cafe

Apologies for the absence recently, my life has been so busy it’s not even funny. That mixed with going on my first holiday in seven years next week means my minds all over the shop…..what with all the packing, washing and buying last minute bits still left to do *face palm*.

In the midst of all this a couple of my friends moved their incredible cafe & venue over to the small market town of Knaresborough and I couldn’t be happier for them both. Originally based at Crimple Hall in Harrogate, Christian and Alice have built a fantastic business from the ground up and have continued to go from strength to strength. Everything about these guys screams success. They have incredible drive and determination, clearly seen by the fact they always seem to be working away either on the cafe floor with the rest of the staff, in the kitchen helping the chef’s or busy at laptops making sure everything else is running smoothly.

The venue it’s self which is at 9 Silver Street in Knaresborough offers a sophisticated and chic vibe which is so welcoming and relaxing. The first wall is covered with the most gorgeous hand painted bear and the cafe is finished with amazing copper painted pipes. They also have the most incredible light which I must find out where they got it from!

At the moment they offer a breakfast and brunch type menu with plenty to choose from. Up the stairs you can see all of the homemade cakes in the glass case which literally made me drool (it’s safe to say that after my delicious eggs Benedict I had to have a piece of their chocolate cake too). I think their view is to eventually open in the evening for drinks, which you can still have in the day, but for now it’s open from 9am-5pm. If you can get across to them I would 100% do so!

Follow them on Facebook & Instagram to keep up to date and to take a sneak peak at their menu.

They’re also planning on bringing their style to a well known pub in Knaresborough too, Blind Jacks. Help them by pledging to their KickStarter campaign here.



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