For the love of candles

Thanks to a certain person I know I have developed a bit of an obsession with candles. Now, I’m not saying it’s a bad obsession to have because some of my candles are so amazingly priced and from one of my favourite places to go and splurge. What I’m saying is I may have found a few which I love but are definitely more of a “save up, never light me, I am an expensive candle” kind of purchase.

After a visit to my guilty pleasure store, Home Sense, I left with the most amazing candle purchase. A gorgeous smelling aromatherapy candle which is the most awesome thing I have ever purchased! Such a happy girl! This candle can relax me in a heartbeat, plus they have loads of different scents for different things. I have their deep-sleep candle however they have ones like recovery and detox which I’m going to try and find next time I go!

If I have spare cash for candles I always head to The Harrogate Candle Company and The White Company. They are my go-to places for gorgeous smelling, long lasting ones.

I’ve had several candles from The Harrogate Candle Company and as well as keeping it local, they also produce phenomenal candles with the most amazing smells that really do fill a room. The Harrogate Candle Company started back in 2012 and have grown from strength to strength. It is owned and run by two candle enthusiasts from Harrogate who wanted to create a luxury and premium range of aromatherapy candles that smell and look stunning, and my god they have succeeded!

The White Company again is an amazing place to get candles from. They offer a fab range of candles with tonnes of different smells whilst still having such an elegant look. From their Ocean Tide to their Seychelles Collection, there are plenty of different fragrances to choose from and there’s definitely something for everyone!

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