How To Break Your Fitness Plateau

Not that long ago I suffered with a serious plateau with my fitness. The thought of going the gym made me feel ill. I wasn’t losing any weight and I just felt so demotivated. If you’ve felt like this then don’t panic, you’re only human!

We all suffer training highs and lows from time to time. Don’t beat yourself up…it’s completely normal.

Getting stuck, standing in our own way, and not thinking outside the box can lead to training boredom. Something you should never settle for in your fitness journey.

The fix can be as simple as taking your training outdoors to enjoy the weather, or adding an entirely different style of training, like yoga or TRX. What you do to break your plateau doesn’t need to be overwhelming, it just needs to be enough of a change to challenge you and get you out of your funk.

Here are some of my tips to get your mojo back…

Set a new goal

Firstly, decide what your goals are for training. Are you trying to lose weight? Build muscle? Just becoming healthier? Work on flexibility? If you’re experiencing a plateau, it’s very possible you’ve lost focus of exactly what you’re working toward. Once you’ve set what your goals really are, write them down and establish a plan of action.

Do something new or that excites you! Pushing yourself to step out of your comfort zone can act as a great motivator to get you back on track.

Get an accountability buddy

If you much prefer working out alone then skip this one, but sometimes working out with a partner or your bestie can help you stay on top of your training.

Personally I prefer training alone with my music on so I can block out the world, but when I do occasionally train with my other half or sister, I find that it can give me more of a push than I usually give myself.

If you find you’re not pushing yourself enough, it could be time to add a little accountability and ask a friend join you. The added bonus is they can spot you on those bigger lifts!

Try a new gym or class

Recently I was approached by #MoveGB about becoming one of their ambassadors for the Sheffield campaign. I was completely shocked and over the moon and of course I said yes! (Check out more about the campaign over on my Instagram)

#MoveGB aims to get the nation moving. You can sign up for a trial membership at the moment for as little as £1 a week and cancel at any time. This campaign is an awesome way to try a new gym, class, or activity that you have never done before. If you’re in Sheffield, drop me a note and maybe we can train together!

Looking around the same environment and seeing the same people over and over again can get monotonous. We all know the regulars at our gym if we show up consistently, and that familiarity can lead to social hour and a reduced focus on what you showed up for…smashing out a workout!

A change of scenery may be exactly what you need to get excited about working out again. If you’re feeling burned out or bored with your workouts, try a new gym in your area, even if it’s just temporarily, to help bring focus back to your workouts.

Research different training guides or programs online

I love trying out new guides from fitness influencers. I’m a sucker for every-so-often, shaking up my routine with a new 8 week program. I find that it’s essential for my training and helps me stay out of “that rut“.

If you don’t want to spend the money on a guide, (I know some can be expensive but the ones I’ve bought range from £15-£35) then consider getting onto YouTube or watching fitness videos on Instagram.

App’s like Aflete offer a great range of influencer guides from the likes of Hanna Öberg and Grace Fit UK.

Sometimes those little clips on Insta are all you need to shake up your workout and keep it exciting and new!

How do you keep your training interesting? Let me know in the comments and maybe I can try some of them out 🙂


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