How to get the most out of a home workout

Exercise isn’t an exact science.

But one this is true: Something is better than nothing. Healthier living should be a blend of fun, fitness, eating right and results. Sometimes even the best of us don’t fancy heading to the gym. Instead of dreading the gym, learn to streamline the process using these healthy exercise habits to get more out a workout than ever before.

Music music music

For many people, the hardest part about working out at home is the lack of motivation to actually workout. You have to first set up an environment that you will be most likely to complete your workout. For me, having a good speaker setup like the Panasonic Multi Room Speakers or making an exciting playlist is one of the best tips I have for working out at home.

Music is a great motivator when it comes to exercising, so turn it up and start pumping! The Panasonic Multi Room Speakers are perfect for creating an environment that can get you through a good home workout.

Home Workout

Make a game plan

Without a good game plan, a home workout can quickly become a complete waste of time. At home there are so many distractions, everything from housework (not much of one but hey it’s still there), to binging on your favourite TV show.  To avoid aimlessly flittering from your yoga mat to the sofa, map out your workouts ahead of time and set clear training goals. When workouts have a purpose, we’re more able to balance sweating with scrolling through Instagram.

Get an exercise ball

An exercise ball is great for many different reasons…it can be used as a bench when doing chest exercises, it can be used as a chair when doing shoulder exercises, or it can be used for several different ab exercises.

I also like to push it against the wall with my lower back and use it to help me go lower when I’m doing squats. An exercise ball allows you to do so many different things, meaning you’ll never get bored with your at home workout!

Home Workout

Resistance bands

I literally cannot stress enough how insanely good resistance bands are to mix into your workouts, not only at home but at the gym too. Resistance bands are a very inexpensive, space-friendly product to add to your home gym. They provide different levels of resistance, allowing you to move up as particular exercises become easier. I like to use resistance bands to tone several different body parts such as my arms, booty and legs.

I picked mine up from Amazon, but I’m definitely going to invest in some of Grace Fit UK‘s when I get paid. I’ve heard so many great things about hers, and I love her YouTube workouts too 🙂

Get a good yoga mat

You don’t use them just for yoga, trust me! For me, a yoga mat is one of the most important pieces of home workout equipment that I own. The minimum thickness should be a stretching (yoga) mat. These are pretty thin and designed to pad your joints during floor workout movements.

If your floor is unforgiving, like wood or tiles, you could get a plyometrics mat. These are made to withstand a HIIT workout for example. A good mat will absorb shock and also improve the effectiveness of your workout while helping to reduce your chance of injury. A plyo mat is great but not necessary in my opinion, as I do most of my HIIT workouts in the gym where they have thicker mats.

Have you started a fitness journey? If you have any questions you’d like answering, then leave them in the comments 🙂

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