My Top 3 Tips To Kick Start Your New Years Fitness

The New Year is literally 5 days away, *gasps*, but don’t worry, you can develop a workout plan to achieve your fitness goals in 2019. Here are three of my top tips to help kick start your fitness next year!

Complete a fitness assessment

Don’t panic as most gyms nowadays will do this for free for you. I know that my previous gym offered these regularly if you wanted them. Knowing your starting point will help you develop a plan for the goals you want to accomplish. Most personal trainers in the gym will either offer free advice or suggest signing up for a couple of sessions with them to get you started. Although I follow fitness plans myself from influencers online, I’d recommend having a PT session if you are a complete newbie to the gym next year. It will help you make the most out of your trips there!

Set realistic goals

If it’s been awhile since you worked out or if you’re starting a routine for the first time, start at whatever your fitness level is. Consider a group fitness class or personal training to help you adjust to increasing your level of exercise while being supervised by fitness experts.

Schedule time to workout

In order for exercise to become a habit, you have to make time for your workouts in your daily life. You can break this down into 5 days of 30-minute workouts or a 35- to 40-minute workout every other day. Whichever way you decide to do it, make sure you stick to it. It’s the best way for it to sink in and for you to stay consistent. Remember, consistency is key. But, if you do fall of it, don’t punish yourself to the point where you despise the gym and never want to go back. Pick yourself up and start again. Don’t forget to reward yourself and try working out with a friend to add some fun to your routine.

Whatever changes you want to make in the New Year, make them for you and make them good ones. Let’s make 2019 count 🙂


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