When life gives you lemons

Make lemonade right? This couldn’t be more true at the moment!

After a great gym session last night, the old self esteem took a bit of a knock. I knew I shouldn’t have taken the opportunity to have a free health check at the gym. I mean, it wasn’t all bad. I’m maintaining my weight, both my blood pressure and recovery rate are excellent. The only thing that has knocked me is my body fat percentage. Now as women, this is naturally higher anyway, it just isn’t where I want it to be. To be totally honest, it’s not terrible, but you know when you’ve been working so hard, you just expect it to be better.

*cue violins*

Nah don’t feel sorry for me. I have been working my butt off. As any normal person though, we all arrive at the wall. I suppose what defines us is how we overcome this. What we do to get over it and how much we strive to reach our goals. A positive though is how far I have come, how much weight I have lost, how much I’ve toned up and how much better in general my health has become. I will get there, I just have to keep my goals in view and keep pushing my body, mind and soul 🙂

The thing that has helped me with my weight loss has definitely been trying HIIT type sessions. Mainly treadmill work. A five minute warm up run followed by ten minutes of sprinting. A slight incline running for 30 seconds as fast as I can, then 30 seconds of rest. It’s an absolute killer but because my body got so used to just running for 20 minutes it became too easy and I wasn’t noticing any difference. This mixed with grueling ab and leg sessions has made a difference. One thing I do need to start working on is my upper body, this has taken a bit of a back seat because I’ve been focusing so much on my cardio. So instead of not being able to walk all week I may need to mix it up! My goal for the next few weeks is to definitely be able to raise my pull-up PB…..which is a measly one…..haha!

All of the exercise mixed with changing my eating habits has been a big eye opener for me. Not eating carbs during the week and only having good carbs on a weekend has been tough, I’m a massive carb fiend. I love pasta…and bread….and basically everything that’s bad for you! Saying that, with the right support it’s not been too bad. My diet has been a mixture of meat, fish and veg, with a couple of treats at the weekend. As long as you mix it up every-so-often it’s great! I’m hoping that if I feel confident enough in the next few weeks to get a progress picture up, so we’ll see!

I’ve learnt a lot about myself over the past month or so. I can weather a lot more than I thought, both mentally and physically. It’s a good feeling. Despite the shit that comes with it. It teaches you a lot about who you are as a person, your values and views on life. Stick with them, people will respect you more if you do.impossible


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