Wreath making with Brown Paper & String

I can’t even tell you how busy my December is going to be…..so sorry in advance if there are a few days between blogs! Saying that, despite being so busy I managed to squeeze in a wonderful wreath making class this weekend.

Now, personally, I’m not much of a florist nor do I profess to be one! I love flowers and I’m pretty creative, however when it comes to arranging them, I’ve never really had a stab at it. So this was a completely new experience for me.

An old work colleague of mine has been running her own florist business now for a few years and has truly grown from strength to strength; she is a true talent when it comes to flower arranging. Sue is such a lovely genuine woman and has the most amazing eye for what she does.

When she advertised that she was doing a wreath making class I jumped at the chance to do it, especially knowing how good she is. At £30 per person, including the class, materials, coffee & tea and mince pies I thought it was a no-brainer!  I headed over on Saturday afternoon to Coxwold which is the most quaint little place, and arrived at the village hall ready to go.

Thankfully the base of the wreath was already made for us; Sue showed us all how to make this and to be honest, I’m glad she had pre-made them! It looked super challenging to hats off to anyone who does this themselves haha! Sue was so engaging from the start and really went into depth about how you make a good strong base to add all of your extra bits on. Now, mine was never going to look as good as Sue’s but I tell you what, I was pretty happy with it 🙂 With Sue’s help I managed to make something that I was very proud of which is now hanging on my front door. I will definitely be doing it again next year!

Thanks Sue!
Brown Paper & String Flowers
Wreath Class 2IMG_4687Wreath ClassIMG_4694


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