Little ol’ me

Let’s start with the basics! My name is Sophie 🙂 I’m twenty something…I’ll let you know when I hit 30! I’m from the beautiful spa town of Harrogate in ever-so-sunny Yorkshire, and currently living the countryside life.

About Me

I’ve spent the last few years working in the wedding planning industry and have now turned my hand to marketing, and of course, blogging, both of which I absolutely love and am incredibly passionate about. I started blogging back at the start of 2017 because I love writing, I love being creative and hopefully you enjoy my ramblings too.

At home I have my wonderful other half and two cats, all of who are my world, albeit a pain in the backside sometimes 😉

Last year I spent a bit of time delving into the world of travelling and was lucky enough to experience a few new places. I now have the travelling bug for sure! Hopefully 2018 brings more adventures and a lots more laughter and love.

I hope you enjoy reading!