Why do lifestyle blogs matter?

Having only really begun blogging seriously back in December last year, sometimes I still struggle to find my voice when writing.

I’ve been reading articles about how I should hone in on my niche and pick a specific topic to write about consistently. I was getting so frustrated because I’m not ready to pick just one topic; I want to write about all kinds of things! I’m passionate about fitness, homeware, beauty, baking and my cats and I want to write about them all.

Maybe as time goes on, I’ll niche down a bit, but for right now I’m self-classified as a lifestyle blogger and that’s okay. But, it got me thinking: What’s the point of lifestyle blogs when there are other blogs that specifically focus on food, or fashion or health? Why do so many pick on lifestyle bloggers? Why is being a lifestyle blogger given a negative connotation? Why do lifestyle blogs matter?

Here’s what I’ve decided…

Why do lifestyle blogs matter?
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When does staying in become the new going out?

Since James and I have moved into our new home, staying in has definitely become the new going out! I honestly don’t think it’s 100% down to money either, but (at the moment anyway) we actually still like spending time with each other. Shock and awe I know! 😉

Millennials have the most debt of any group of university graduates, like, ever, with some never being able to get a job they trained for. At the same time, we were the first generation to all grow up with computers in our homes and no one knows their way around an iPhone and quirky new technology better than us.

According to some, because of this fact, it is said that a lot of millennials don’t actually know how to socialise and interact with people…I call bullsh*t. People of my age and as young as my brother, know how to socialise so well! My brother at 19, has a bloody better social life than I ever did.

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Why I’m glad I didn’t go to university

I feel like this is going to be a bit of a controversial blog. I’d like to say I’m sorry in advance but I’m not going to. Why? Because this is a personal post. I’m not saying don’t go to university if you want to, but put simply, this is why I’m thankful I didn’t.

Just about everywhere you go, people tell you “Go to Uni! Get a degree! It’s worth it!”

Side note, you don’t need to listen to them! It’s not worth it. At least it wasn’t for me.

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Why it’s OK to lose friends in your twenties

Being twenty-something myself, I never actually thought this would happen to me. I always had one really close friend who I thought the world of. Turns out I was wrong to do so. It came to light last year just how toxic this friendship was, I’m very thankful to this day that I ended up letting it go.

Usually, people feel sad and lonely when they notice their pool of friends is getting smaller and smaller as they grow older. But, it’s completely normal to lose friends as you grow older.

When you’re in your twenties, you can no longer just “hang out” with friends carefree, every day like you used to. I mean, you’ve got responsibilities now; you may have a car, a house, a job and have a clearer picture of what you want out of life.

Speaking from experience, as much as it hurts, it’s totally normal for friends to come and go. Here’s why you shouldn’t be too downhearted about it!

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Sixteen “we’re broke” date night ideas

My other half and I are always planning date nights whether it’s going out to dinner, to a movie or out for a walk.

Like most couples towards the end of the month, money is tight and date night goes to the back of our minds a bit. It is super difficult what with the money sitch, busy schedules and occasionally the lack of inspiration. But it’s so important to keep the passion and romance alive in any relationship, whether you’ve been together for 6 months, a year or twenty.

Recently we’ve decided to plan a weekly date night. We’re still trying to figure out the best night for us both but it means we get to spend some really good quality time together. It will also help with the whole digital detox as I spend so much time on my phone and laptop for my blogging.

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