A look back at my 2018 goals

So earlier this year I jotted down my 2018 bucket list of things I wanted to do this year.

It was really interesting even just to take a look back at how my blog posts looked back then and what my writing style was like! If you’ve never done this, I’d highly recommend, it’s shown me how far I’ve come.

As I mentioned back then, I don’t really set myself resolutions, only because I never seem to complete them haha. I always end up feeling as though I’ve failed.

Organise my life better

So with a change of job mid-year, doing my marketing degree, running a blog, running and home and more, I’ve had to become very organised. It’s safe to say it’s something I will always have to continually work on as my life becomes even busier.

But I do feel as though I’ve come along way with my organisational skills. I managed to work hard and study for my exam earlier this year (I passed, yay!), as well as redecorate the house, and have the new kitchen put in.

There’s still so much more to do, but James and I have gotten into the habit of writing down lists of priorities for the house, so we don’t lose track!

2018 Goals

Go to at least three new places

Boom done! So so so pleased to have checked this goal off my list. I was late into the whole travelling game, only really starting to explore the world more when James and I got together a couple of years ago.

Having gone skiing in Morzine, holidaying in Majorca and to Crete, I’ve managed to box off my three new places. What a fantastic year of travelling it’s been! Now I know those places aren’t far away, and some people wouldn’t call them travelling, but for me, they are.

I love exploring places I’ve never been (which is a lot), and I cannot wait for our adventures next year. The plan at the moment is to do a couple of weeks travelling through Asia, which will be incredible!


Yeah so……..no. I know it’s not quite the end of the year, but I’ve only managed four and a half. I’m so disappointed in myself with this one. I really must make a more conscious effort with this one in 2019. I love reading and I love feeling totally immersed in a book.

Maybe I just haven’t found gripping enough books….who knows! Drop me some in the comments below.


Hell yeah! I think I’ve smashed this one this year. I’ve lost over a stone since April which is unbelievable for me. Granted when I wrote my initial goals post, I wasn’t overweight as such, just had fallen into being unhealthy and eating a lot of crap.

Now I workout anywhere between 4 and 6 times a week and absolutely love the gym! I love the feeling it gives me and my body has definitely thanked me for it. That mixed with the fact that I’ve changed my relationship with food, it’s so much better and we eat so well at home and always cook from scratch.

2018 Goals


So in 2018 I managed to put away a quite a bit of money. Maybe not as much as I’d hoped, but I changed jobs and had to pay for my degree and we’ve also spent a lot of money on the house, which was to be expected.

But thankfully, because of my willingness to knuckle down and save, we’ve pretty much bought everyones presents for Christmas and I still have money left. Boom. The plan is now to carry this money over to next year and save for bigger house jobs and the Asia trip!


I still absolutely love everything about blogging. I’ve managed to keep my blog kind of consistent with posting and my photography has improved a hell of a lot! Despite my initial reservations I’ve also started a YouTube channel. Yes it’s not taken off massively just yet, but it’s all about being consistent and not doing it for the wrong reasons in my eyes.


This goal started off so well haha. Basically, the start of the year, right up till the end of summer was amazing! We got back from Crete and the weather in the UK took a turn for the worst, so my morning yoga started to trail off.

It became so much more of a struggle to get up on a morning. You know when it’s dark, cold, frosty and you’re like…..five more minutes and it’ll be fine. On many occasions this turned into an extra 30 minutes in bed and then having to get ready for work.

I definitely want to pick it back up again. It’s so good for your body and soul, really helped relax me and helped me feel ready for my day! Fingers crossed I’ll be able to get back into getting up earlier again.

Did you manage to achieve all of your 2018 goals?


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