Updating My WFH Wardrobe

I feel as though I wear the same things week in week out now that I’m working from home. My poor jeans have been well and truly neglected, and my loungewear/comfy wardrobe has continued to grow. Let’s be honest, if someone tells you they’re working from home in their jeans they’re totally lying…

*The items in this blog post have been gifted but all views remain my own

Femme Luxe wanted to do another collaboration and how could I say no?! Especially when their loungewear is so cosy and their summer items are a total vibe. I’ve started to introduce a few more “summery” bits and pieces. Although, they still can be used as my “office” attire.

The Sherpa Oversized Jumper

Now. Let. Me. Tell. You. I’m officially never taking this thing off…unless of course it’s 20 degrees outside in which case it’s totally impractical ha! This cream sherpa oversized jumper/mini dress is to die for. It’s incredibly soft on the outside and around the neck on the inside, and a little rougher inside, but that doesn’t make a difference as it’s super baggy and cosy.

I did lose a little bit of fluff when I took it out of the packaging I won’t lie, but honestly it’s my new favourite thing to lounge around in. It’s perfect for cool evenings in the garden sipping on a glass of wine or for movie nights in with James.

The Oversized Black Tee

There’s a running theme here…everything is oversized! I find that especially now I’m working from home, the relaxed fit is exactly what I’m looking for. I want to feel comfortable and not restricted in any way, and these items are perfect.

The black oversized crewneck t-shirt is soft, cosy, oversized and everything I want out of a good quality basic. You can easily tie this up to create a crop or let it hang lose. I paired mine with a pair of leggings for my working day, but you could easily tuck this into a pair of jeans for a more casual “out for the day” look.

The Basic White Crop

I’m all over a basic white crop, especially when it’s such good quality and I can get away with not wearing a bra too! This white fitted short sleeve crop t-shirt is perfect for summer days in the garden or just lounging around your house. Yes, you will have to wear a bra if you head out into town or to the supermarket with it on, but as far as wearing it at home goes, no bra needed!

It’s a super soft crop and sits well underneath your chest area. Honestly, it’s such a lovely length and is really flattering. For someone that isn’t completely comfortable with crops no matter how lean I may be at the time, it’s certainly a great basic that even I will get use out of!

Till next time my lovelies!


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