4 Ways To Take Your Blog From Meh To Wow

Anyone can blog these days. It’s as simple as setting up an account on a platform like WordPress and writing out your thoughts and ramblings on a subject of your choice. However, not everyone can make their blog into a successful money-making asset. In fact, to do so, your blog really needs to wow your audience.

Your users’ experience matters

Guess who the most crucial person is when it comes to your blog? Your reader of course. Unfortunately it’s not just about what you publish anymore that readers are looking for anymore. In fact, the way that users can access such information, as well as navigate and interact with your site matters massively too.

With that in mind, it’s essential that you focus not only on the look of your site but also on how it feels and how easy it is to use. Everything from the spacing on a page, the font you use, to the order, internal links within the site as well as many other factors all matter if you are going to wow your users with the most positive experience possible.

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Get your branding right

If you want your blog to stand out, it’s crucial that you adopt a cohesive sense of branding. Everything you do from the site design itself to your emails and social media posts, need to represent the core message and values that you stand for successfully.

One easy way of doing this is to get a logo designed for your blog which you can use across all your other communications and platforms. Using the services of companies like Template can make this job a hell of a lot quicker!


They use an innovative dynamic template system which can help maintain your blog’s brand across all documents and projects simply and quickly. Something that will not only wow your readers, but others that you come in contact with as well such guest bloggers, product sponsors, and brand collaborators.

Think about your imagery

You may just think the images you use on your site are there to break up the text, but they are much more important than that.


In fact, the pictures you choose help to display the tone of your blog and what readers can expect from you. To that end, try to use original images if possible rather than stock pictures. Also, don’t forget to keep your images on brand in someway; maybe they are all edited with the same filter or tone, as this can help you create a much more impressive and cohesive look.

Be accessible

Lastly, if you want your blog to wow you really need to be as accessible as possible to your readers.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to spill your entire life story and soul online, (keep some things private for your own sanity!) but provide them with opportunities to interact with you in your comments section and on social media, this can really help you to raise your blogging game from meh to wow!


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