Looking after your mental health with exercise

There are so many reasons to exercise and keep fit and healthy. From the physical benefits to the emotional ones, being active can help us in more ways than we think. My own personal journey with exercise and my mental health has been a long road, one which I am finally at a good place with.

After being in unhappy relationships for so long, I finally found James. His motivation, drive and love really helped give me the push I needed to turn my life around and strive to be the best version of myself.

Now I appreciate for some people, meeting someone isn’t an option, a possibility or a choice. So other triggers will have driven them to make a change. But making a change I believe, for so many people, will help them with not just any weight loss or fat loss goals they may have, but also with their mental health. Forget about the number on the scale for a while or the body fat percentage number and focus on just getting into healthier habits and create a routine.

We focus so much on how much we weigh sometimes that it consumes our lives; and when we don’t hit that number, we feel deflated, down and depressed even. It forces a lot of people to give up and return to their unhealthy habits, because why carry on? If you’re not seeing results then what’s the point?

It’s all a process

Trust me when I say that any health and fitness goals you may have take time, and a lot of it! Getting to the point I have has taken me around 18 months in total so far; although only 13 months on my fitness journey.

I remember seeing results after 6 months and thinking wow, my god this is amazing, I can’t believe how much weight I’ve lost. But little did I know that was only what is called “newbie gains”, and progress would begin to slow…..very quickly.

I hit a plateau and before I knew it, that deflated feeling smacked me in the face and I wanted to give up. Pushing through that was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but unbelievably worth it.

Building a good relationship with food has also been difficult. After falling into the habit of overeating, as many do, and then subsequently under eating when trying to lose weight. It’s definitely been hard to find a balance and after tracking calories and macros, trying intermittent fasting, keto and all the rest, I’ve finally found peace with intuitive eating.

Getting back on track

One thing that has been a bit of a saving grace is the Tone & Sculpt App which I started around 6 weeks ago. It’s amazing to say the least and has both a gym and home workout guide! The programmes are split into phases and I’m currently in the throws of completing phase one which has been awesome. I’ve learnt so many new techniques and moves, as well as bits about nutrition too.

If you want to get the most out of it, the app comes with a weekly food plan too which guides you through what you need to be eating, as well as having a shopping list you can take to the supermarket with you! If you want to give it a try there is a 7 day free trial which you grab once you’ve downloaded the app 🙂 trust me, it’s so worth it, no matter if you’re a beginner or have been working out for a while.


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