Ways to stay fit during quarantine

The World Health Organisation recommends that the average person get 2.5 hours of moderate or 1.5 hours of intense exercise every week, but with gyms, leisure centres and other fitness facilities closed due to COVID-19, people are feeling the confusion as to how they can maintain their health and fitness.

I know I was at the start…

After a bit of a cry, scream and panic (lol), I decided it was time I switch up my mindset and think about the situation logically. Yes I couldn’t get to the gym, but could I bring the gym to me?

The answer is yes!

Keeping fit isn’t all about the equipment

You’ll be happy to know there are plenty of other ways you can stay active other than lifting heavy weights and running on the treadmill. If you’re not as lucky as some to have a home gym (let’s face it, how many of us are!), there are other things you can use to help you along your way.

If you’re looking to maintain some kind of normality to your gym routine, the best pieces of equipment to have at home in my opinion are dumbbells and resistance bands. However, with EVERYONE now working from home, these two things are a premium!

I’ve been using resistance bands from Teknifit and Decathlon for some time now and I absolutely love them. I’d highly recommend them. They’re strong, sturdy and come in a variety of different weights. With these you can do a number of exercises from legs and glutes, to shoulders and back!

Dumbbells are in short supply at the moment, and that’s an understatement…I had a look the other day and they’re either not available or about £1million. Let’s face it, ain’t no one going to be spending that kind of money on dumbbells! As an alternative, why not grab yourself a couple of water bottles or even a backpack. These make for great weights. Check out my latest backpack workout over on Instagram.

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ARE YOU READY FOR A LOWER BODY WORKOUT? 👀 . Mixed with a little bit of HIIT, this workout is perfect if you can't get your hands on any weights while we're in lockdown 🤪 ain't no one paying £1000 for a pair of dumbbells! . Simply grab a backpack, fill it with heavy books and away you go 🔥 . Dont forget to hit ❤ and SAVE to support your girly! More backpack and no equipment workouts coming soon 😅 . 1️⃣ Squats 3 x 20 2️⃣ Good mornings 3 x 20 3️⃣ Goblet squats 3 x 20 4️⃣ Reverse lunges to knee up 3 x 15 each leg 5️⃣ Lateral lunges 3 x 20 6️⃣ In and out jumps 3 x 15 7️⃣ Glute bridges 3 x 20 . Hit me up with any other workout requests 👇🏻 . . . . . #backpackworkout #rucksackworkout #athomeworkouts #homeworkout #lowerbodyworkouts #lowerbodyexercise #lowerbodyblast #legdayworkout #glutesofinstagram #gluteexercises #gluteworkout #workoutwithsophie #workoutchallenge #workingfromhome #workoutsforbeginners #workoutathome #gardenworkout #healthylifestyle #sculptit #sculptyourbody #strongnotskinny #toneandsculpt #toneandsculptapp #toneyourbody #discoverunder5k #harrogatebloggers

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Try something new!

Sick of the same ol’ same ol’? I was recently approached by the lovely people at Bluefin Fitness about their vibration plates and let me tell you…I’ve been converted! I love the challenge they bring when trying to do simple body-weight exercises. They test your balance and concentration, all while burning additional body fat.

You may have tried one of the ones in your gym, but have you ever tried to do a full blown leg workout or upper body session on them? It’s hard!

*I was kindly gifted this to try out, but all opinions remain my own

Get out for a run

Now, if you’re not a lover of running, which is just like me, the thought of running can turn your stomach. I hate the feeling of being so out of breath that I can hardly breathe, which is how I used to feel every time I would venture out for a jog.

But, with our once a day of outside exercise due to the lockdown, there’s never been a better time than now to start pushing yourself…am I right?

Before the lockdown struck I was doing interval sprints on the treadmill in the gym (oh how I miss them). But now, I’m learning to compensate with a 30-40 minute run each day. It hurts my soul, but it’s a way for me to get some good ol’ steady state cardio into my routine.

If you don’t like running what-so-ever, you could always try an hour’s walk each day! That way you’re getting some fresh air, exercise, and if you pass a shop you could pick up any essentials you might need, all at the same time. Bonus!

Ever heard of a little thing called virtual classes?

Struggling to stay motivated no matter how hard you try? You may find that your local gym or yoga studio may be offering online classes now instead. It’s a super accessible way for you to get in your exercise, while having someone there to keep you motivated and offer advice.

I personally love taking online yoga classes now at home, as it offers a break from my work space and gives me some time to wind down after what are thankfully, still busy days.

Make sure you do it for you

Remember, don’t let anyone tell you you should be working out 7 days a week in quarantine or building your summer body. Now is the time for you. It’s the time to do this for you and no one else. We’re never going to experience precious time like this again (I hope). So, use it to do whatever you want, but remember, keeping active and healthy are great for your mind, body and soul.



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    Great Article now I’m boost up to make my health robust during this quarantine

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    Do you have any more posts on this subject? This was really useful

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