My first holiday in seven years

Yes you heard it right. Well not my first holiday, my first hot summer holiday. Yes it was a very long time ago that I ventured somewhere and actually came back with a tan, due to certain people in my past which I won’t go into.

After deciding on a location, booking it and counting down for what seemed the longest amount of time I’ve ever had to wait in my entire life, we were off! Albeit not with a problem beforehand. emailed to say our original hotel had overbooked and our room was no longer available. Not what I needed as I was running a wedding in Surrey the night before we were due to fly! We were assured though that they had sorted alternative accommodation so……we were off!I’m not going to lie, the wait in the airport was long and tiring, partially due to the fact we flew out of Manchester and had to drive up from Surrey. With an early morning flight, we decided that a hotel was pointless and we’d check in a few hours before and go grab a coffee and breakfast. That was met with closed check in desks that were due to open only an hour before the flight……

After all the debacle of the morning I was preying this new hotel was good. At least clean of all things! And boy……we were in awe when we arrived. It was what I would describe a honeymoon resort to be like! Casa Cook Kos, it truly is a little piece of heaven! We genuinely couldn’t believe our luck. That mixed with the fact that because of the switch with the hotels, we were upgraded to half board too which meant we got to indulge in everything Casa Cook had to offer.

I can’t stress enough that if you ever visit Kos, get yourself to this hotel. It’s stunning. The rooms are clean and beautiful, the pool is gorgeous and there was no mad rush for sunbeds. There is a private beach for guests and the restaurant food is fantastic. The staff were always on top form, polite and well dressed. It was a dream come true and I couldn’t have asked for a better first hot holiday back after seven years!



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