Six things I’m excited for before 2018

There are so many things I have to look forward to over the next couple of months in the run up to the end of another year. I’m actually feeling extremely blessed at the minute with life and what’s still to come!

Family photoshoot

OK, so I’m not overly excited for this haha but it’s a great excuse for our family to get together. Since my sister moved to London a couple of years ago to train at AMTA (American Musical Theatre Academy) I haven’t seen a lot of her. So it’ll be great to have a catch up and to have a laugh with everyone. If any of you know my family, you’ll know they’re a bunch of jokers!

Breakfast at The Ivy, Harrogate

The Ivy, Harrogate is due to open it’s doors for the first time on Wednesday 15th November and I cannot wait! It’s one of those places I have quite high hopes for so make sure you keep an eye out for a blog. From the photos I’ve seen on their social media so far, it looks set to be a stunning restaurant offering breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks, eeeeek excited!


Another travel adventure I’m super excited for! Somewhere I have always wanted to go. Heading there to experience Berlin in all it’s glory and to have a good mooch around the Christmas Markets. Already purchased a gorgeous scarf, hat and gloves ready for the freezing winter air!

Giving a certain someone his birthday present

Yes, I know. Hellishly sad that I’m actually excited for this and for those of you who know me, very surprising I’ve not already told him what I’ve bought him! I’m so pants at keeping presents a secret, especially if I’m really proud of them ha! SHARE IN MY EXCITEMENT DAMN IT!

Decorating my Christmas tree & home

It almost pains me to speak about it just yet with it only being the start of November but this is something I look forward to every year, being the total Christmas nut that I am. I recently took a trip out to The Range in York and spent way too much money on all things sparkly and Christmassy! I kid you not you can buy everything and anything in The Range, and luckily enough……all the Christmas aisles are colour co-ordinated #christmasheaven.

Christmas Day

I s#@t you not it’s been about seven years since I had Christmas Day at home with my family due to being here there and everywhere. I have never been more excited than to have my Mum’s delicious Christmas dinner again, tuck into my Grandma’s home made stuffing and to see if my Brother treats us all to one of his decadent puddings! I absolutely adore my family Christmas’, they’re filled with laughter, banter and the most ridiculously fun games, bring it on.

There are so many more things if I’m being completely honest, but these are some of my top!




  1. January 4, 2018 / 5:57 pm

    Great post! When I buy presents for my loved ones, I feel like I’m way more excited about them than they are. I’m literally a Santa Claus in girl’s body. 😀 And, when a year is comming to an end, I look up to New Year’s eve the most. I guess, I’m more of New Year’s eve than Christmas type of person. 🙂

    • January 4, 2018 / 10:35 pm

      I love both I have to admit, especially as my birthday is New Years Day! 🙂 but I just love that time of year, it’s so festive! But yeah definitely get way too excited for everyone else to see their presents!

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