The Fit-Box: Review

Disclaimer: Huge thank you to the team over at The Fit-Box for sending me this through. This is a gifted review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Although the box itself is quite simple (it’s a cardboard box with the company logo printed on), with something of this nature, I don’t feel as though it needs all the fluff! I’ve received many beauty boxes in the past that are stuffed with pretty tissue paper, glitter, sequins and all the rest, but for a fitness box, trust me it’s not needed!

So…what’s in the box?

The box I received came jam packed with loads of goodies. From protein drinks, bars, snacks and more, for the price you would pay for the monthly subscription, (£14.99 a month plus shipping) it seems worth it!

1 x Grenade Carb Killa High Protein Shake
1 x UFIT Protein Drink
1 x FulFil Protein Bar
1 x CNP Protein Flapjack
1 x QuestBar Protein Bar
1 x Jim Buddy’s High Protein Donut
1 x Bag of High 5 Energy Gummies
1 x Myprotein gym towel

As far as the bits and pieces inside go, I was really impressed with the variety. There are brands included that I’ve never tried and never heard of, so if I headed to the supermarket or my local health food shop, I probably wouldn’t have picked them up.

The Fit-Box is great if you’re looking to expand your protein goody range but are unsure of where to start. This way if you don’t like something included, you’ll know not to go and spend your money on a large box in the shop!

My favourite pick?

I’d have to say out of them all, I’d have to say my favourite pick would have to be the Myprotein microfibre towel. It’s a gorgeous blue colour (my favourite) and super absorbent in the gym; I’ve used it a good few times already now to mop up my sweat after a tough Tone & Sculpt session!

Is the box worth it?

I would say if you are looking to try a new variety of goodies then it definitely is! I loved the flapjack and the drinks and James really enjoyed the doughnut (he’s a huge doughnut fan). If you’re looking for less of a foodie fitness box and one that has more goodies like the towel, it might not be for you.

What to expect each month

Everyday fitness & lifestyle products and samples/tasters
6-9 fitness and lifestyle products in every Fit-Box
Mixture of fitness products, supplements, superfoods, protein snacks – Everything FIT!
£14.99 /month (£2.99 shipping)
Plus, if you order by midnight on the 11th you’ll receive next month’s box!

Are you ready to subscribe?


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