Yes you heard it right. Well not my first holiday, my first hot summer holiday. Yes it was a very long time ago that I ventured somewhere and actually came back with a tan, due to certain people in my past which I won’t go into.

After deciding on a location, booking it and counting down for what seemed the longest amount of time I’ve ever had to wait in my entire life, we were off! Albeit not with a problem beforehand. emailed to say our original hotel had overbooked and our room was no longer available. Not what I needed as I was running a wedding in Surrey the night before we were due to fly! We were assured though that they had sorted alternative accommodation so……we were off! View Post

So the reasoning behind my late blogging is due to a very very busy last few days! It’s been such an exciting time where I’ve experienced new places and activities; starting with a stay in Northumberland.

I headed up for a one night stay in the sunning Doxford Hall Hotel & Spa. This hotel is perfect for a short break away from everything. Built in 1818 and set within the most tranquil and quiet gardens, this beautiful hotel offers grace and grandeur, individuality, and a sense of local culture and history. I stayed in one of the corner rooms which meant the views over the estate were to die for.  View Post

After wandering around the new TK Maxx in Knaresborough the other day I stumbled across the most gorgeous little journal ever. It got me thinking, with all these new adventures I have planned over the next few years, I want to be able to look back and show my children in the future, all of the things I experienced. So I’ve set about writing all about my trips. Adding pictures, captions, the lot.

It’s quite challenging to start with. Allowing yourself to just go with the flow and to remember every single detail. It’s hard to know how much to include and how in depth to go, whilst also thinking about how much they will appreciate it. I’d like to hope that if they end up anything like me they’ll enjoy reading and writing and potentially get the travelling bug too (although I hope they get it earlier than I have!). It’s always something I’ve promised myself I’d try and do too, get my children into reading and writing.  View Post