A Quick Life Update

Hello my lovelies! I thought I’d do an honest, life update post for you all.

I’ve talked a lot recently about products or fitness advice and completely neglected to update you guys on how I am, and what’s going on in my life at the moment.

Recently I started a YouTube channel, after much deliberation with myself on whether I had time to do it and whether or not it would actually be worth it. It honestly took weeks of procrastinating; James will tell you that I spent ages going over the pros and cons.

But eventually I thought sod it and have really enjoyed filming bits and bobs of my life and our life together, what we eat, what I do at the gym and experimenting with different diets, such as keto and intermittent fasting.

It’s a rather bizarre notion, sharing so much of your life online. It’s been commented that do I think I am sharing too much? Will I be able to have a private and public life and be able to differentiate between the two?

Why yes, yes I will.

life update

Whilst I enjoy doing it, filming, creating and editing, there has to be an element of having down time at home. I don’t think I could ever do it full time and be a “YouTuber” or “Influencer”, there is so much more work involved than people think. It’s really given me a bigger appreciation for those who I watch and follow online.

But, I’ve loved the ones I’ve done so far and will probably upload every couple of weeks. So we will see!

Ultimately I still want to have a private life, and I feel like I owe it to James and our relationship to have a life away from social media, which we do.

What’s going on with my fitness?

I’m super happy with where I am with my fitness and general health at the moment. I don’t tend to weigh myself as I’m trying to build muscle and lose fat, not weight. However I did step on the scales the other day, and since April I’ve lost just over a stone, which I’m ecstatic about.

I’ve never been huge, but I spent a good part of my early twenties overweight. This was due to several reasons that really shouldn’t have been an excuse in my eyes. But hey ho, we live and learn.

Losing that stone has not only helped motivate me, but has helped me to be so much more body confident and to appreciate everything my body does for me.

So often we look in the mirror and hate what we see, but we forget everything that our body does for us on a daily basis; fight illnesses and to help us move and breath. Our bodies are incredible, which is why it’s so important to look after them.

Overhauling my lifestyle and beginning to include fitness and eating cleaner has done me the world of good, and despite still intermittent fasting over a month later, it hasn’t ruined my relationship with food, it’s made it stronger.

What else is going on?

God where do I start?! So last weekend we moved my sister back up to my family home in North Yorkshire. She’s been living in London for the past three years and has bitten the bullet and decided to come home and save before she jets off travelling to Australia next year.

The work on the house is kind of at a standstill at the moment. There’s a lot that still needs doing, but with Christmas fast approaching, presents to buy, a holiday to go on and James’ birthday, it’s going to have to wait!

I’ll end this there otherwise this blog post will be super long ha 🙂 Over on my YouTube channel I’ll hopefully be doing a “What I’m taking on holiday” type vlog and then a holiday vlog. So make sure you head over and subscribe so you don’t miss out!

Speak soon lovelies,


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