Trying to find new brunch inspo

If you know me (which if you’re still reading my blog and following me on insta you should!), then you’ll know that I am a firm lover of brunch.

Brunch for me is such a social time. It’s such a great experience that you can not only share with your significant other, but also your family and friends. I can count on both hands, and then some, how many times I’ve been out for brunch this year alone.

Recently I spent a short period of time in London and went for a cheeky bit of brunch with my little sister who lives down there before I came back up to the North. Seeing as though I don’t know London very well I decided to search on a website to see where we could head to.

We were looking for somewhere near to Kings Cross to allow the maximum time together 🙂 and we found a place called German Gymnasium, which is a stone’s throw from the station.

I genuinely think we stumbled across a winner here!

Built in 1864 for the German Gymnastics Society, D&D London’s immaculate restoration of the German Gymnasium is a return to the mega-brasserie style of their 90s heyday, with brasserie-style food served on the ground floor (lunch, weekend brunch etc.) and a more refined menu available in the main restaurant.

Thankfully it was an absolutely gorgeous day which meant we could sit out on the terrace at the front. The atmosphere was fantastic and the service was second-to-none. The way they have created the terrace is super clever. Yes, it seems like you’d be sat looking towards one of the busiest places in London, but it didn’t feel like it.

When you sit down you’re surrounded by greenery and flowers which makes for a fab place to be. Once you’re engrossed in conversation with whoever you’re with and tucked into your coffee and food, you totally forget about where you are!

On arrival we were greeted and shown to our table, we were then given a glass of water straight away, even before we’d had a chance to read the menu.

Always a bonus in my book!

Not only is the coffee fantastic but the food is even better. I know we only got to experience brunch but I would totally go back for lunch and/or dinner. For my brunch, I picked the GG Benedict and got a small size, which to be honest was plenty. It comes with black forest ham, poached egg and hollandaise sauce perched on top of a scrummy potato Rosti! I mean it’s the ultimate in a posh hangover cure 😉

I could have literally picked everything on the brunch menu and had it a couple of times over!

So looking forward to going down and trying out some more places to eat in London. Every time I go I seem to eat at the same places so it would be great to shake it up a bit!

Have you ever been for brunch in London? Where would you recommend to visit next time I’m there? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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