New Years Resolutions Or Goals?

Now is about the time of year where I decide upon my goals for the next twelve months. One thing I’ve come to learn when it comes to these is that everyone is so different in what they decide.

Every year you get the usual new year new me type stuff, but one thing I’ve noticed for 2019 is that people are starting to finally look beyond that. Beyond the superficial and back into reality. If your goal this year is to lose weight, why not change that to just living healthier. Remember fitness shouldn’t just be for Instagram, being fit is a whole lifestyle in its self.

I asked over on my Twitter for people to share their New Years Resolutions or Goals with me. If you haven’t decided if you’re going to have any yet but want to, these will give you the inspiration you need! There truly are some fantastic goals below, some which have motivated me to pick some more for the year ahead.

P.S. A huge thank you to those of you who shared them with me! Goals can be seen as quite personal sometimes so I truly am grateful to you all.

I asked the Twitterverse…

“I’m in the middle of writing an article about new years #resolutions. I’d love to know if you’ve set any and what they are with a bit of a why?”

To run 2x10k’s and lose half a stone by June.

Emma @ LifeOfEmma

Break my sugar addiction, obvious reason sugar is bad for you and you don’t need it in your life.

Phoenix Fitness

My emotional well-being! After reporting my childhood sexual assaults at the end of 2018 (which will be going through the court system likely this year), I need this focus! I’ve created a 30-Day Challenge for this, for both myself & followers/clients!

Lisa @ Life Like You Mean It

To take my running gear with me when travelling. Obvious health benefit but also means I get to explore the destination in a very different way.

Will @

To make little changes in my life that overall lead to a happier lifestyle. Worry less what others think. Screen time ends at 8pm. Read a little more. Stop filling my weekends.


Hello Sophie, mine would be to reduce plastic in our every day life further – it would be great if more would join the Plastic Detox Challenge 🙂

Isabel @ Sustainable Responsable Living

This is an odd one but I’m recording how many ml of water I’m drinking a day in a bid to drink more! Also, I’m recording how many take-aways we eat as a family in a bid to eat less of them!

Micawber Lettings

To get my fiction novel published. I wrote it 8 years ago and it had such bad Grammar, I’ve paid someone to do it with the possibility of self publishing this year.

Anaphase Store

Mine is financial – to save an emergency fund by the end of the year! This is to ease my anxiety and worry about money all the time, especially as I’m self-employed. I will budget better in 2019 and have some no-spend months to reach my goal.

Victoria @ LyliaRose

Hi, Sophie my New Year’s Resolution is to not be ‘late’! I’ve spent the past three decades being late to and for every event, from catching a flight to arriving for a meal at a restaurant. Now, I’m actually fed up with being late! So today I saved a bike for my gym buddy in our Wednesday spin class, her words were ‘What the f**k are you doing here’! Charming eh! Happy New Year!

Rae @ WhatsNewUK

Hi Sophie, I’m your typical weight loss new year resolution person but I have a good reason…I gained a stone after having my daughter in October. I want to shift the excess weight asap!


2 years ago I made a resolution to go plastic free, it was an amazing lifestyle change but challenging to fit around a busy London life. I decided to try and make it easier and set up Unwrpd, a plastic free subscription service to encourage more people to make sustainable switches!


Do you have any resolutions or goals? Comment below with yours 🙂


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