Sixteen “we’re broke” date night ideas

My other half and I are always planning date nights whether it’s going out to dinner, to a movie or out for a walk.

Like most couples towards the end of the month, money is tight and date night goes to the back of our minds a bit. It is super difficult what with the money sitch, busy schedules and occasionally the lack of inspiration. But it’s so important to keep the passion and romance alive in any relationship, whether you’ve been together for 6 months, a year or twenty.

Recently we’ve decided to plan a weekly date night. We’re still trying to figure out the best night for us both but it means we get to spend some really good quality time together. It will also help with the whole digital detox as I spend so much time on my phone and laptop for my blogging.

date night

Even though we’ll be planning a weekly date night, we won’t be in a position where we can always go “out”, never mind “out out”, but we can stay in our home (which is our favourite place to be anyway), and make each other a priority.

We close down our laptops, our phones, and maybe even the lights 😉 We make a nice dinner and just spend time together. We talk, we read, we potter in the back garden, we pull out a board game (we’re especially fond of Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity), we put a movie on Netflix, and we occasionally play fight (note: we do not do all of those things in one evening!). We’re sad and love spending time together, and when we pick a day of the week, we’ll intentionally spend time together without any other distractions!

To help us keep date nights a priority, I have put together a list of ideas for us to draw from each week.

Maybe you’ll pick up a few tips, and share a few of yours in the comments!

  1. Have a picnic (either outside or inside, weather depending of course!).
  2. Turn your dining room into a mini restaurant.
  3. Watch a wholesome movie on Netflix. We actually enjoy documentaries.
  4. Read a book together (or a book series).
  5. Light candles around the room, sip wine together and just talk.
  6. Get into an intense tennis match on the Wii. Talk about getting your heart rate up!
  7. Spa night. I’m sure he’d love to try one of your face masks really 🙂
  8. If you have a BBQ , light it one evening and sit around it like a bonfire with hot chocolate.
  9. Start a game tournament. You could totally make this an annual thing and keep a tally (if you’re competitive like we are).
  10. Watch a TV series together. We’re so addicted to Altered Carbon and Van Helsing on Netflix at the moment.
  11. Turn your outdoor space/terrace into a fancy restaurant (complete with tablecloths and candles).
  12. Bake together. Flour fights are super fun!
  13. Play hide-and-seek…in the dark.
  14. Take a late night walk and watch the stars.
  15. Make homemade pizzas and have a pizza party.
  16. Have a sleepover in your living room. Stock the floor full of pillows and duvets and just fall asleep together.

Let me know what you guys to for date night in the comments 🙂


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