Spring into shape with these #3 top tips

With warm weather (hopefully) right around the corner…I mean it is the UK so I’m making you no promises…you might be thinking about dropping a bit of weight or getting in better shape. But making the move from winter’s bulking season (you know, tonnes of Christmas dinner, chocolates and wine) to summer shorts and swimsuits can be a challenge.

*Side note* Please remember that every body is bikini body ready! If you’re wanting to get into better shape or lose a bit of weight, this should be for you, not to conform to society’s ideals of what a “bikini body” looks like. <3

While there are no shortcuts to long-lasting fitness and trust me, I’ve tried a lot of them in the past, there are a few tips you can implement to help push the process along.

Spring into shape

Eat more protein

Sorry to all the vegans out there in advance but let’s talk protein. If your plate is usually filled with breads, hash browns and chips, you might want to have a rethink about where your body’s fuel is coming from.

Don’t forget, nutrition makes up around 80% of the fitness equation, and you can’t out-train a bad diet.

Protein helps build muscle mass and boosts your metabolism, which will leave you feeling fuller for longer. What most nutritionist recommend is around 30 grams of protein per meal, or one gram per pound of bodyweight per day. For example if you weigh 140lbs, you should be eating around 140 grams of protein a day.

When looking for protein to have, look for cuts from high-quality sources, like your local butchers for example, you’d be surprised little the difference in price from the supermarket it is! Chicken, pork, beef and dairy are always a good shout and contain plenty of amino acids.

If you’re going meat-free don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to get the right amount of protein into your diet. You’ll need to consume the right plant-based proteins such as rice and beans, or hummus and whole-wheat foods.

Spring into shape

Stay hydrated!

I go on about the importance of drinking plenty of water all the time, and here I go again! Staying hydrated is the key to proper health and to weight loss. A tall glass of this stuff will boost your immune system and help increase your resting energy expenditure, which will lead to the burning of more calories.

Did you know that research has shown, drinking an ice-cold glass of water boosts your metabolism and burns more calories? This is because your body needs to use extra energy to warm the water up to body temperature!

Get HIIT workouts into your routine

You may have noticed I’ve been posting more HIIT workouts over on my Instagram recently. This is because they really help when it comes to weight loss goals. They’ve helped me to lean out ready for an upcoming shoot and are great for your cardiovascular health too.

Instead of doing steady uphill walks on the treadmill, crank up the intensity and try a HIIT workout next time you’re in the gym, or even at home! By swapping between burst of 100% effort activity and periods of rest (I usually work off 30 seconds work and 10 seconds rest), you’ll burn more calories at a faster rate.

The most beneficial part of HIIT sessions in my opinion is the after effect. Even when you’ve finished your workout, your calorie burn will still keep going for a short amount of time! It’s the most effective way to spark your post-exercise oxygen consumption. This basically means that your body’s metabolism will keep burning more calories even when you’re resting.

Try these 3 tips out and find out for yourself the amount of difference they can make. Keep your eyes peeled and sign up to notification emails so you don’t miss the next top tips coming soon!


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