What I used to keep my skin fresh on holiday

A rather belated post, which is going to look rather odd in the midst of all of the autumnal posts and such, but equally one I’m super excited to post!

Looking after my skin on holiday is a must.

In fact it’s something everyone should take seriously, not just on holiday. Personally when I go away, I enjoy the fact I don’t feel pressured to wear makeup. When you work in an office, or what I find anyway, is that the majority of people come with a full face of makeup (me being one of them, albeit as natural as possible).

I guess for me it’s a self confidence thing. Although, I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that when we came back off holiday that my skin was so clear and tanned that I managed to do a week with no makeup on in the office, and boy did it feel good.

Since then, I’ve started to make a more conscious effort to wear less generally. I mean, I am getting a bit older now and it’s not that you stop caring, it’s more the realisation that people literally do not give a flying f**k whether you wear it or not!

Huge thank you to Chloe who kindly gave me this skincare to try whilst I was away. I’ve recently become dubious about giving other skincare a go, since the one I use currently works so well for my skin type. But I thought why not, and I whisked this little kit away with me.

I’m so glad I did…

So what came in my little pack?

Chloe kindly filled up my little wash bag with some fantastic goodies to try. This included a gel cleanser, soothing gel moisturiser, illuminating gel and a refining gel mask. She also threw in some lip balm and some little aloe vera gel sachets, incase I got burnt. Literally the most perfect array of skincare.

After trying the cleanser on the first day I fell in love. The smell and the way it applied was amazing and thankfully, it was so refreshing and cool, which went down well as the days went on.

The gel mask I only used once during the week, but was very welcomed after a long day on a yacht when I knew my skin would have taken the most battering.

My most used product was definitely the lip balm. Now my lips don’t tend to go dry on holiday but it’s somewhere I think we forget can still burn. This little stick was great as it was small enough to fit into the pocket of my shorts; I don’t tend to take a bag anywhere with me on holiday. It honestly kept my lips so nourished all week….bonus!

After using the products as a whole all week, my skin definitely cleared up and looked a lot fresher and more vibrant. It definitely helped bring the redness down on my face that I suffer with which was amazing to see 🙂

If you fancy getting your hands on some of these gorgeous products then leave me a comment below and I’ll send you Chloe’s details!


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