How to stay fit when you don’t like the gym

We all know that regular exercise is part of a balanced healthy lifestyle and is something that we should all be doing everyday.

However for most people, the option of exercising for an hour plus per day is not something that they really have time for. The other problem is that not everyone likes the gym, and many people equate going to the gym with fitness and as being the only way that they can maintain a healthy level of exercise in their lives.

Thankfully, this is not true. There are plenty of ways to keep fit and healthy that don’t involve going to the gym, so if you don’t enjoy going then don’t worry!


Running is a great way to keep fit and is also enjoyable for a lot of people – especially when you get to run in a place surrounded by nature. It can really be good for all fitness levels and can help to boost things like your mood and keep your mood maintained throughout the day, as well as your energy levels.

Going for a short run in the morning or in the evening is definitely something that you should be able to try if you’re not someone who likes the gym, but you want to stay fit.


If you enjoy more strenuous activities, then climbing is something that’s definitely a great way to keep fit, and something that will provide your whole body with a workout.

Whether you’ve never climbed before or you have done it before, but are looking to get back into it, then you’ll find lots of opportunities to enable you to do this. Whether it’s indoor climbing or outdoor, you can join groups where you can go on a weekend and in your spare time or you can simply go alone if you feel comfortable doing so.

However, it’s important to take care of safety when climbing, and this includes removing things like tragus jewelry as well as making sure that you have the correct clothing – especially shoes that enable you to climb safely.


If you enjoy being in nature but don’t really feel the need to be climbing, then you can do things like hiking and walking since these are also great activities not just for physical fitness but also helping to maintain good levels of mood and warding off things like anxiety and depression.

It’s also a great way to meet other people who have other interests, and this is especially good if you don’t want to spend your weekend surrounded by people who only want to party or go shopping.


Swimming is probably one of the best workouts you could do for a full body workout, and it enables you to have very little risk of injury since it’s very low impact.

You can start off small with swimming and do 20 minutes per day, and then build up until you get to a place where you feel that you have a bit more strength. Swimming is also great for regulating things like your sleeping and eating patterns and keeping your mood levels high.

What do you do outside of the gym to keep fit and healthy? 🙂


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