18 things I wish I knew at 18

After learning a few life lessons in the past few months that I wish someone had taught me years ago, these are 18 things I desperately wish I knew at 18!

18. If you’re meant to stay friends with your high school friends you will. So many times I was told by people older than me that you may or may not stay close with your high school friends once you leave, and it actually stressed me out. Friends come and go and I’ve met so many good friends outside of school, through work, through other people etc. so don’t panic! View Post

When life gives you lemons

Make lemonade right? This couldn’t be more true at the moment!

After a great gym session last night, the old self esteem took a bit of a knock. I knew I shouldn’t have taken the opportunity to have a free health check at the gym. I mean, it wasn’t all bad. I’m maintaining my weight, both my blood pressure and recovery rate are excellent. The only thing that has knocked me is my body fat percentage. Now as women, this is naturally higher anyway, it just isn’t where I want it to be. To be totally honest, it’s not terrible, but you know when you’ve been working so hard, you just expect it to be better. View Post

Trying to enjoy cardio

I’ve been discussing my weight loss goals with a friend who is equally as into the gym and fitness as I am. Now one thing I have always hated doing is cardio. It is literally the biggest bugbear of my life. Alas, without cardio I cannot and will not lose the weight I want to. Cardio is such a crucial part of training.

So, with that in mind I’ve set myself a personal goal to run at least 3 times a week around where I live, do more HIIT training at the gym and also at home. Now I’m not going to lie, this week it has been a struggle. Getting up at 6am to get my butt out of bed and get dressed so I can do a decent run, get back, shower and get to work on time but, it will be worth it in the end! This week I have so far done two runs with one still to do tomorrow (yay Friday running…).

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For the love of candles

Thanks to a certain person I know I have developed a bit of an obsession with candles. Now, I’m not saying it’s a bad obsession to have because some of my candles are so amazingly priced and from one of my favourite places to go and splurge. What I’m saying is I may have found a few which I love but are definitely more of a “save up, never light me, I am an expensive candle” kind of purchase.

After a visit to my guilty pleasure store, Home Sense, I left with the most amazing candle purchase. A gorgeous smelling aromatherapy candle which is the most awesome thing I have ever purchased! Such a happy girl! This candle can relax me in a heartbeat, plus they have loads of different scents for different things. I have their deep-sleep candle however they have ones like recovery and detox which I’m going to try and find next time I go! View Post

Learning to love the little things again

I’ve always had an appreciation for the little things in life; more recently however it’s come to light how much we really should love those things that do genuinely make us so content.

Over the weekend I spent some well needed time with my godchildren. These two little munchkins really do mean the absolute world to me. Being a maternal person myself I love it when I walk through the door and little Matthew comes running to me shouting “Auntie Sophie” with the biggest smile on his face, arms wide open ready for a cuddle. He’s truly growing up to be a wonderful little man, albeit a nightmare on occasion (these moments I don’t get to experience to his mothers dismay ha!). Joshua…god what can I say about this little heart-breaker. He is just beautiful beyond belief, with a smile that would melt anyone’s heart in an instant. I’ve never known a baby so damn happy all the time! Time with these two is priceless, they won’t be little forever so I truly do treasure every second.

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